Zentry Security Introduces Zentry Trusted Access™ Cloud Edition

Zentry Trusted Access 2.0 Pure ZEN

Zentry Security Introduces Zentry Trusted Access™ Cloud Edition

Today we’re introducing the latest version of Zentry Trusted Access, our zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution. Now, Zentry Trusted Access is available as a cloud-based SaaS service, providing the same streamlined, secure, zero trust remote application access as our on-prem version, and offering small-to-medium enterprises (500-5,000 employees) improved productivity, better security, greater visibility, and a reduced attack surface.

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly adopting cloud capabilities. The cloud offers economic and scalability advantages, and dovetails with extensive ‘work from anywhere’ (WFA) requirements, especially due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • 88% of companies utilize the cloud as of 2020. In addition, 25% of these companies aim to migrate all their business systems to the cloud by the end of 2021.¹
  • IDC predicts 90% of global enterprises will rely on hybrid cloud by 2022.²
  • Deloitte suggests that “as cloud moves from roughly one-third of enterprise workflow to roughly two-thirds, and that’s more quickly than expected, concerns around privacy and security should urgently be addressed.”³
  • Remote working “has increased access to business-critical applications… likely out of necessity.” (Ponemon, October 2020)

At the same time, however, security concerns are increasing, with 80% of breaches consisting of personally identifiable information.4 Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly targeted by threat actors; indeed, 28% of breaches in 2019 involved small businesses.5

Zentry Trusted Access Cloud Edition focuses on three key areas that help SMEs realize significant remote access enhancements for their organizations:

ZTNA Cloud Service

Zentry Trusted Access is now hosted in a leading cloud service provider, enabling global deployments with centralized visibility, authentication and authorization, resource and application definition, and policy enforcement. This also allows budget allocations to be shifted away from CapEx to an OpEx model, requiring less of an upfront investment.

Faster Maintenance

With this release, all maintenance and upgrades are handled by Zentry Security, allowing faster deployments and better scaling and performance. This process addresses issues as wide ranging as simple bugs to streamlining user experiences and end-user workflows. It also allows Zentry to address customer enhancement faster.

Streamlined User Experience

Zentry Trusted Access enables SMEs to offer their mobile workforces a simple, clientless secure remote access experience. There is nothing to install on the user’s device – perfect for modern workforces which consist of employees as well as contractors and third parties. All workers have a simple, consistent user experience without the need for complex endpoint clients. And this is perfect for smaller IT teams that do not have sufficient bandwidth for training, troubleshooting, or support.

Zentry Trusted Access Cloud Edition now offers a customizable end-user portal that lists the specific applications each user has access to. It can be branded with logos, colors, and icons specific to an organization for compliance, security, or corporate goals.

Learn more about how Zentry Trusted Access can deliver clientless secure remote access for your organization. All users need is a simple HTML5 browser to get access to the applications they need to be productive. Request a demo and see for yourself how easy it is to put zero trust security to work protecting your organization.

Read today’s announcement for more about Zentry Trusted Access Cloud Edition, as well as information on our recent executive moves.


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