Why Zentry Security?

Simple, Secure Remote Access

Zentry Trusted Access

Easy to use for both end-users and administrators, Zentry provides seamless, secure access
to your organization’s valuable resources.

Frictionless Remote Access

Applications launch with a single click; connectivity, identity, policy, and security are transparent to the end user.

Zero Trust Realized

“Never trust, always verify” – only authorized users get access to specific applications. And, all sessions are encrypted end-to-end.

Improved Security & Compliance

Multi-factor authentication, application-specific policies, and end-to-end encryption means only authorized users get access.

Application-Specific Access

A new perimeter around individual users, devices and resources that provides consistent, controlled access for any user, anywhere.

Frictionless Remote Access

Today’s workforce needs seamless secure remote access to applications in the cloud and data center using their device of choice.  And organizations need easy-to-use tools that enable and encourage workforce productivity. Zentry Trusted Access enables employees, contractors, and third parties to simply and securely access applications.

Zero Trust Realized

VPNs have been the workhorse of secure remote access but were designed for a simpler time. Workers today are more mobile, use a broader variety of devices, and access applications dispersed globally.  Businesses are more complex, too, needing to integrate partners, contractors, and supply chains securely.  Zentry Trusted Access is a modern approach to enterprise security, built on zero trust principles of “never trust, always verify” to increase security and compliance.

Improved Security & Compliance

Zentry Trusted Access requires all users to authenticate with MFA, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to sensitive information and data. All connections are governed by natural-language policies that restrict access to specific applications and resources. And all sessions are encrypted end-to-end with TLS, improving overall security posture and helping plan, prioritize, and maintain compliance.

Application-Specific Access

Unlike solutions that require clients to be installed on every endpoint, employees, contractors, and third parties using Zentry Trusted Access only need an HTML5 browser to securely connect to applications and resources in the cloud and data center.  And, every connection is governed by granular policies that enable access to specific applications, not entire networks like traditional VPNs.


Who We Serve

Zentry Trusted Access provides easy-to-use and manage,  seamless, secure zero trust application access for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all kinds—from insurance companies to healthcare, transportation, financial services, education, R&D and retail organizations and more. SMEs see marked improvement in security posture while streamlining secure remote access for employees, contractors and partners.

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