Secure Remote Access

Private access, evolved

The Fall of the Wall

The assumption that internal networks are safe and that everything inside the perimeter can be trusted no longer holds. Networks and locations are no longer practical to establish sufficient trust for access.

Outdated Security Models

Castle and moat perimeter security models are problematic. Malicious insiders are a major reason for security breaches and the cost of insider attacks keeps rising.

Expanding Attack Surfaces

Cloud and mobility are creating new attack vectors. Traditional VPNs further expand the attack surface by creating network layer tunnels that extend the perimeter.

Traditional Secure Access

Legacy VPNs allow full network-level access rather than least privilege access, creating security vulnerabilities due to attack, lateral movement and data leakage.

Any Application

Supports internal and public-facing Web applications, in addition to legacy enterprise applications. 

Any Cloud or Data Center

Enable identity-aware, policy-based secure access to applications and resources located on-premise or in the cloud, and eliminate excessive trust placed on networks and locations by traditional security models. Lightweight resource connectors support all popular hypervisors and public cloud platforms.

OS & Browser Agnostic

Use case agnostic traditional VPNs lock IT departments into issuing and locking down devices for all users, imposing a heavy administrative burden. In contrast, Zentry supports a mix of client and clientless connectivity options that allow for a range of managed and unmanaged BYOD use cases.

Software-based Subscription

Replace monolithic HW security with elastic pay-as-you-go cloud services that improve both security and the user experience. Zentry's auto-scaling high-performance architecture facilitates both utility consumption and adjustment to a wide variety of applications, resources and environments.

High-Performance Architecture

Distributed lightweight resource connectors deploy seamlessly on premise or in the cloud, linking up with high-performance access gateways (application proxy) to auto- scale bandwidth, accelerate TLS encryption, and deliver a superior user experience. Easily adopt new features as they become available.

Internal & External Secure Access

All application access is fully authenticated, authorized and encrypted based on device, user identity and access control policies. As a result, users can access applications and resources from anywhere on any device with the user experience for local and remote access being identical.


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