Clientless Remote Access

Zero trust VPN alternative

The Demise of VPN

Traditional VPNs are no longer sufficient to provide secure access for an increasingly mobile workforce that needs access to enterprise applications and resources located both on-premises and in the cloud.

End-Point Management

VPN client software is notorious for interoperability issues, end-user frustration, and complex management and configuration – placing undue burdens on IT to meet today’s mobile workforce needs.

Monolithic Infrastructure

Big iron VPNs create hairpins and bottlenecks for a growing mobile workforce that needs access to applications deployed on-premise and in public and private clouds.

Outdated Security Models

Legacy VPNs allow full network-level access rather than least privilege access, creating security vulnerabilities due to attack, lateral movement and data leakage.


Long Live Zero Trust

Unlike traditional VPN remote access, Zentry provides clientless browser-based access to any resource, anywhere – enforcing least privilige access based on user and device identity and application-level policies.

Context-Aware Identity

Combine geolocation and contextual attributes with AAA and IAM integration for 360-degree user authentication.

Multi-factor Authentication & SSO

Add an extra layer of security, then use federation to minimize repeat authentication.

Hardened Access Gateway

High-performance access proxy front-ends and protects resources and Webifies legacy applications.

Intelligent Policy Engine

Apply fine-grained user and group policy controls on a per-application and per-resource basis.

Monitoring & Reporting

Visualize user and application access metrics, as well as resource and system performance statistics.

Clientless Access

Traditional VPN clients often require troubleshooting for specific OS and browser versions, imposing a heavy burden on both users and IT admins. In contrast, Zentry provides simplified, OS-agnostic clientless access through any HTML5 Web browser. No client to install, manage or explain to end users.

Consistent Experience

Users can access applications and resources from anywhere on any device with the user experience for local and remote access being identical. Regardless of location, all application access is fully authenticated, authorized and encrypted based on device, user identity and access control policies.

Reduced Attack Surface

In contrast to network-level VPNs, Zentry brokers connections at the application level to reduce the overall attack surface. Users are granted least privilege access based on their roles, attributes and usage patterns, and all access is encrypted using highly efficient cryptographic technologies.

Eliminates Data Leakage

Web services broker enables clientless HTML5 access over TLS from any modern browser, and prevents data from leaving the network, traversing the internet or residing on end-user devices. Webify desktops (RDP and VNC), SSH and Telnet, as well as legacy applications that require specific client software.

Adaptive Policies

The Zentry policy engine examines authorization context and policy definitions to generate least privilege access profiles that keep applications, resources and corporate data safe. Extensible and based on open frameworks, the Zentry policy engine supports REST APIs for interfacing with external data.

High-Performance Architecture

Distributed lightweight resource connectors deploy seamlessly on premise or in the cloud, linking up with high-performance access gateways (application proxy) to auto-scale bandwidth, accelerate TLS encryption, and deliver a superior user experience. Easily adopt new features as they become available.


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