Secure Administration of Critical IT Infrastructure
IT transient authentication

Root Problems

Whether accessing remotely or on-prem, IT admins face a number of challenges in managing tens, hundreds or even thousands of routers, switches, servers, storage, firewalls and other infrastructure resources. 

  • Credential Management
    Manually managing and rotating credentials for servers, storage, networking, and security can be error-prone, labor-intensive, inefficient, and costly.
  • Access Control
    Enforcing access control at the infrastructure level is operational complex and costly. Assigning root privileges creates a risk of root credentials being stolen.
  • Accountability
    Many enterprises are unable to monitor secure access of critical IT infrastructure and lack comprehensive reporting and analysis tools. This can cause regulatory and compliance violations.

A Simple Fix

Zentry next-gen secure administration provides fine-grained control and monitoring of IT administrator access to critical assets — both on-premises and in the cloud – and uses transient authentication to streamline credential management.

Any Infrastructure

Supports internal and remote access to business-critical IT infrastructure while maintaining consistent security and a consistent user experience. Provides access to servers, storage, networking, security and other IT systems using Webified SSH for clientless access over TLS from any modern HTML5 browser.

Any Cloud or Data Center

Enable clientless, identity-aware, policy-based secure access to IT infrastructure located on-premise or in the cloud, and eliminates excessive trust placed on networks and locations by traditional security models. Zentry access gateways support all popular hypervisors and public cloud platforms.

Transient Authentication

Modernize administration of critical IT infrastructure, like firewalls and switches, by seamlessly combining single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and device validation.

For frictionless access to back-end IT infrastructure, Zentry uses a unique passwordless SSO mechanism that automatically generates temporary credentials.

Centralized Policies

Rather than relying on device-level access controls and root credentials, Zentry enhances security by enforcing controls from a centralized policy engine, based on attributes that include user, group, time, location, device, IP address, and a range of additional criteria.

Reporting & Analytics

To maintain accountability, Zentry logs data from all secure IT administration activity. Reporting and analytics provides a centralized view from which to monitor, analyze, and search data on infrastructure access at scale to meet compliance and audit requirements.

Software-based Subscription

Replace monolithic HW security with elastic pay-as-you-go services that improve both security and the user experience. Zentry's highly scalable architecture facilitates both utility consumption and adjustment to a wide variety of infrastructure, resources and environments.