Migrating to Zero Trust Secure Access

Never trust, always verify

The traditional “castle and moat” perimeter security model is no longer sufficient to handle the challenges brought by cloud and mobile computing. In contrast, the zero trust security model eliminates the excessive trust placed on networks and locations, and provides device-aware, identity-aware and policy-based secure access to applications and resources across on-premise and cloud environments.

Zentry Trusted Access, based on zero trust principles, is a clientless, policy-based secure access solution providing enhanced security, improved productivity and Zen-like ease of use.

Learn more about the journey to zero trust, including:

  • Remote working with a modern alternative to VPN for improved security, ease of use and productivity
  • Resource protection that enforces user authentication, authorization and access control policies designed to safeguard enterprise digital assets
  • Secure administration of IT resources, combining SSO, MFA and a passwordless Transient Authentication mechanism for seamless access to back-end IT infrastructures

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