Securing Electronic Health Record Access in Today’s Complex World

Using Zero Trust Network Access to Enable Remote Workers, Maintain Compliance & Simplify Audits

An Industry Under Siege

2021 was not a kind year to the healthcare industry. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic illustrated both the resilience of dedicated professionals and the weaknesses of the technologies that support them. No other industry has “digitally transformed” as rapidly as healthcare – from deploying IoT devices widely to upgrading older technologies such as imaging, enabling patients to access health information remotely, and employing AI and Big Data for innovative therapies and improved patient outcomes.

This transformation has not gone unnoticed by threat actors. The healthcare industry is their primary target, partly because systems on which lives depend are outdated – a “perfect environment” for ransomware.

Add in a rapid rise in the number of people working from home (increasing the attack surface due to a more porous network perimeter) and it’s no wonder that threat actors leverage phishing attacks, encryption issues, and ransomware attacks to lock providers out of their EHR applications until payment is made.