Utility Adopts ZTNA for Remote Working and IT Admin Access

East Kentucky Power Coop Tackles Two Business Requirements Using Zentry Trusted Access


Legacy remote access solutions in use at East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) were too complex and difficult to use; in addition they no longer provided sufficient security. It required an add-on to a browser which could be challenging for some non-technical users.

The Solution

Zentry Trusted Access turned out to be the perfect solution for EKPC. Previously, they were using two separate and complex tools – one for secure remote access and another to remotely administer their IT infrastructure. Workers were frustrated using a tool that required a complex client to administer, while IT staff were unable to leverage SSH connections when accessing IT infrastructure. Zentry enables secure access for remote workers and allows IT administrators to access critical infrastructure – simply using a standard HTML5 browser.


Zentry Trusted Access enabled EKPC’s remote workforce to quickly and securely access applications and resources. Because it’s clientless and browser based, Zentry’s simplicity reduced support efforts while streamlining
the end-user experience and enhancing productivity.