Case Study: Regional Foodservice Vendor Simplifies & Streamlines Remote Access

RDP Foodservice Transitions from Complex VPN to Cloud-hosted Zentry Trusted Access


Shifting an office-based workforce to remote overnight is no easy task. “When Covid hit, we scrambled for a couple of days to get everybody capable of working remotely,” said Omar Lieves, Director of IT for RDP Foodservice. “Back then, we didn’t have a very robust way of providing remote workers with reliable access.”

To solve this, RDP deployed two different VPNs successively. The first was too complex and time-consuming, requiring 10-15 minutes per laptop to configure. The second required less configuration, but Lieves knows that, with VPNs “once you are inside the network, it’s like opening the front door and I still had some security concerns.”

The Solution

Zentry Trusted Access alleviated RDP’s issues in a matter of hours. “With VPNs, it’s like lowering the gate to the castle. With Zentry, I’m just showing you to your room. And I don’t have to deploy anything. All I have to tell people is ‘open your browser and type in this URL and login with your AD credentials and you’re in,’” said Lieves.


Zentry Trusted Access enabled RDP Foodservice to increase productivity and collaboration. Employees are no longer required to use corporate-issued devices with complex VPN clients. Instead, they can use any device, including phones and tablets, and work from anywhere. They are more productive and don’t require extensive IT support. “I’ve been receiving feedback that when they’re using Zentry instead of the VPN, the response time is faster,” Lieves added.