Chemence Speeds Product Development, Strengthens Security, and Realizes Cost-Efficiencies Adopting Zero Trust Network

Chemence Accelerates Business Growth & Improves Compliance with Zentry Trusted Access


Chemence’s rapid product innovation requires contractors and 3rd parties to analyze and validate new formulations.

  • Traditionally, people have traveled onsite to perform equipment installation and maintenance.
  • Scheduling on-site visits for auditors sometimes took as many as six months.
  • Due to security concerns and technical complexities, many assets cannot be exposed to the internet.
  • An on-site visit can exceed $5,000 for upgrades or repairs with some of their assets.

The Solution

Zentry Trusted Access allows Chemence to grant secure remote access to employees, contractors, vendors, and other 3rd parties to securely interact with all of their internally secured assets.  This enables them to quickly coordinate any modifications, greatly expediting the turn around times of the past. 


For Chemence, Zentry has streamlined remote accessibility and reduced complexity, while at the same time reducing the attack surface for secure remote access and VPN headaches for end users.  

  • Zentry’s clientless zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution gives external users secure remote access only to specific authorized applications via a simple web URL and harnessing Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Chemence now saves significant time through days of turnaround time, not months.
  • By no longer needing external parties to come on-site, Chemence is potentially able to save thousands of dollars per event. 
  • Due to the nature of the ZTNA’s inherent functionality, there is no risk of an externally compromised endpoint of having the ability to gain data access to the internally secured asset.