Gaming Establishment Solves Remote Network Access Connectivity Problems

Swinomish Casino Delivers Secure WFH with Zentry Trusted Access


Swinomish Casino’s VPN remote access solution was too complex and prevented quick connectivity – often resulting in after-hour phone calls to IT support. The company was looking to enable quick, seamless, and secure access for senior management and staff to connect to desktops remotely, with a simple, easy-to-use solution. They needed a secure access solution that was browser and OS agnostic, and that didn’t require frequent support or training to use.

The Solution

Swinomish now leverages the simplicity and ease-of-use of Zentry Trusted Access for remote connectivity. Whether they work from home or they’re on a business trip, employees no longer struggle with a complex VPN. Zentry enables the casino to deliver its employees secure remote access to any application, anytime, from any device.


Swinomish Casino’s staff is more efficient working remotely with Zentry and Shinn’s IT team no longer fields support and training calls during evenings and weekends with an inflexible and complex VPN. “Everybody I’ve had try it, loves it. It’s easy. It’s simple. Ok, and the security… I’m not opening up a lot of network level connections for everybody and poking holes in my firewall. I’m doing it on a per resource basis. Just very narrow access to specific desktop and/or resources” said Sam Shinn, Network Administrator at the Casino.