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Simply Solving Secure Access to Mission-Critical Applications

Simple to use. Improves workforce productivity. Provides enhanced enterprise-class security without the complexity or the big pricetag. Ommm…

Zero Trust Application Access

Establish a new application perimeter with consistent security for any user, anywhere.

Clientless Remote Access

Remote access for today’s new normal; browser-based access that’s both simple and secure.

Secure Administration of Critical IT Infrastructure

Transient Authentication for providing least privileged access to network infrastructure.


Zentry Trusted Access

Simply Secure

Zentry Trusted Access provides clientless, browser-based, streamlined zero trust application access for small- to medium-sized enterprises. Organizations see gains in security posture and compliance, a reduced attack surface, and greater visibility into users and applications.


Who We Serve

Zentry Trusted Access provides clientless, browser-based, seamless and secure zero trust application access for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all kinds—from insurance companies to healthcare, transportation, financial services, education, R&D and retail organizations and more. SMEs see marked improvement in security posture while streamlining secure remote access for employees, contractors and partners.


Why Zentry Security?

Frictionless Remote Access

Clientless secure remote access with just an HTML 5 browser. No clients to download, configure, or manage.

Zero Trust Realized

“Never trust, always verify” – only authorized users get access, and all sessions are encrypted. This is not your father’s VPN.

Improved Security & Compliance

Multi-factor authentication, application-specific policies, and end-to-end encryption means only authorized users get access.

Application-Specific Access

A new perimeter around individual users, devices and resources that provides consistent, controlled access for any user, anywhere.

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