Systems Admin

Zentry Security (www.zentrysecurity.com) a pioneer in zero-trust secure application access, is seeking a bright, motivated and effective Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to join our sales organization. Focused on Zentry’s zero-trust enterprise security solution, the RSM will evangelize a new approach to secure access that trades traditional VPN access for a decentralized, application-centric access model that emphasizes device and user identity and a seamless end-user experience.

Job Description:

  • Analyzing and figuring out the system needs of an organization
  • Installing hardware and software for the network
  • Keeping systems operating efficiently by performing any necessary upgrades and repairs
  • Planning a strategy to maintain system security on the computers and the network as a whole
  • Optimizing and evaluating the system regularly
  • Training or directing users on the correct use of software and hardware within the system
  • Performing problem-solving tasks when alerted by a user or monitoring system
  • Negotiating contract renewals for network applications and services
  • Administration of user accounts on various platforms
  • Preparing laptops and virtual systems for employees

Familiarity with the following applications and concepts

  • VMWare ESXi & VCenter
  • Office365 administration
  • Basic networking protocols layers 1-7
  • Switches, routers, vpn, lan, wan configuration and maintenance
  • Cloud computing concepts and administration
  • Software version control

Soft skills

  • Interpersonal skills to facilitate productive working relationships
  • The ability to stay organized
  • Communication skills to explain complicated computer concepts
  • Discretion in handling people’s private information on data servers and throughout the network.
  • Strong problem-solving skills