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What Is a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)?

Here at Zentry, we often get asked “What is a Software Defined Perimeter?”  And that’s usually followed by “What’s the difference between SDP and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)?”  The answer is somewhat subtle, but both are primarily concerned with

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What Is Zero Trust Security?

Whether “zero trust security”, “zero trust framework”, “zero trust network” or “zero trust security model”, the fundamentals are the same: The network is assumed to be hostile Threats, both internal and external, are assumed to exist on the network The


What Is SASE & Why Should Your Company Adopt It?

What Is SASE? The SASE architecture, or Secure Access Service Edge, combines wide-area networking (WAN) and network security technologies like CASB (cloud access security broker), FWaaS (firewall as-a-service), and ZTNA (zero trust network access) into a cloud-delivered service model.  In

Zentry Security How to Implement Zero Trust

How To Implement Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a network security model that trusts no one, regardless of their location.  Increasingly, trust can no longer be established based on whether a user is “inside” or “outside” the network. In a Zero Trust model, every user


Behind the Zentry Name

We often get asked by customers about our name.  It is unique but it’s also intentional. It’s a mashup of two words: Zen, as in the feeling of being peaceful and relaxed Sentry, a guard to prevent unauthorized entry of

HIPAA Compliance

Meeting Compliance Goals with ZTNA

How Zero Trust Network Access can “help with HIPAA” Regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA or PCI DSS, whether specified by industry or mandated by the government, affect all industries. For example, financial organizations in the U.S. are required to

Zero Trust Security - a small history peek

ZTNA: Zero Trust Security for the Wild Wild Web

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the virtual private network or VPN. One of the most prevalent technology solutions used to provide a private connection between an end-user and the applications or resources they need access to, VPNs have served

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote Work

Thank You, VPN – But Times Have Changed

It’s time to scrap the VPN for secure remote access Later this year, after we’ve all been vaccinated against COVID-19, it will be relatively safe to return to the office. But many of us won’t, at least not full-time. A


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