About Us

Pioneering a new approach to secure access built on zero trust principles and zen-like ease-of-use.

Our Mission

Zentry is a mash-up of two essential tenets: security and the user experience. Like a sentry, Zentry guards and protects business-critical resources; for end-users, Zentry enables zen-like entry to productivity-enhancing applications. Our new approach to enterprise security is based on zero-trust principles and eschews the traditional network perimeter and the trusted enterprise network. In its place, Zentry draws a new perimeter around each individual application. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Zentry makes internal resources available to any user, anywhere with security applied in a seamless unobtrusive manner.

Our Values
  • Innovation
    Team members are asked to think big, take calculated risks and embody a visionary spirit.
  • Customer focus
    Technology is not an end unto itself; customer goals and pain points take center stage.
  • Transparency
    Maintain arm's length ethical standards with our customers, and trust within the company.
  • Opportunity
    Offer professional growth and show appreciation for all team members from any background.
  • Fulfillment
    Deliver results for our customers, and professional satisfaction through meaningful work.
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Zentry has assembled a diverse management team consisting of successful and seasoned security, networking and DevOps professionals. Learn more about the people driving the Zentry vision of zero-trust application access.

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